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What is CBD?

Does CBD get you high? What are the benefits?

Cannabidiol (CBD) has recently increased in popularity and received a surge of media coverage. You may have seen it being advertised as a daily booster in through use of CBD oral sprays, CBD oils and more. But what is CBD? CBD is a naturally occuring chemical compound found in the marijuana plant.

Unlike THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabino), CBD can have relaxtion effects on the body without the feeling of being ‘high’. CBD is non-psychoactive portion of the plant and therefore has no euphoric effects. The naturally occurring substance is used in creams, oils and edibles for it’s relaxation properties.

Why choose CBD?

Why should I consider CBD? Is CBD for me? 

CBD can be taken in many forms from oral consumption via edibles and oral sprays, to topical absorption through CBD cream and butters or even bath products. CBD is naturally occurring and is not known to have any side effects making it very simple to add CBD to your routine.

People worldwide have been sharing their stories and testimonies of how CBD has had a positive effect on their lives from minor head aches to helping manage more serious illnesses. But please, don’t take our word for it, see for yourself learn more.

Why choose Alternative By Nature?

With CBD suppliers increasing, why ABN?

Why choose Alternative By Nature? We are a small company who truly believe, and are extremely passionate about the benefits of CBD and it’s entire Family of Cannabinoids. Most of our team consume CBD as a daily supplement for various reasons, and have first hand experience with trying 

and testing a vast array of CBD products in many forms. The awareness of CBD benefits is ever growing worldwide and we feel it’s vital to ensure that quality, effective products are available to you and everyone else who seeks them. All our products are 3rd party lab tested.

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